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Important dates and events: (See also current semester calendar.)
  • Mon, 24 Mar @ 0700: Summer School voluntary registration opens. See our Summer School Information Page for links to schedules, FAQs and more.
  • The Final Exam Schedule is now posted. All midshipmen and faculty members are urged to review the AcDeanNote on final examinations and exceptions.
The Start of Semester Items Notice and the Academic Advising, Registration and Preregistration Notice for Spring 2014 should each be read in their entirety by all faculty and midshipmen.

About the Academic Program

To prepare midshipmen as Naval officers, the Naval Academy’s curriculum blends professional subjects with required and elective courses similar to those offered at leading civilian colleges. Our curriculum has three basic elements:

  • Core requirements in engineering, natural sciences, the humanities and social sciences, to assure that graduates are able to think critically, solve increasingly technical problems in a dynamic, global environment, and express conclusions clearly.
  • Core academic courses and practical training to teach the leadership and professional skills required of Navy and Marine Corps officers.
  • An academic major that permits a midshipman to explore a discipline in some depth and prepare for graduate level work.
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Thursday, 23rd

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Class of 2017 VGEP Briefing on January 23, 2014
When: Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:15pm to 8pm  EST

Where: Ri102
Event Description: Dear Class of 2017: As a reminder, the Voluntary Graduate Education Program (VGEP) briefing to interested Class of 2017 Midshipmen will be held tonight, January 23, 2014 at 1915 in Rickover 102. Through VGEP, up to 20 Midshipmen per class have the opportunity to commute to local civilian universities, working to complete a MASTER’S DEGREE within 7 months after graduation from the Naval Academy. The application process will begin in January of Second Class year. Graduate programs usually begin in spring semester of First Class year. To participate in VGEP, you need at least 15 semester hours open in your schedule by the spring semester of First Class year. You will need to plan your USNA course load with your academic advisor early to clear out a minimum of 15 hours. This is usually done by validation, overloading and summer classes. VGEP selection criteria include: at least 3.20 CQPR and "B" or better in Aptitude for Commissioning and Conduct in first semester of Second Class year. You must have no failed courses. Your Overall Order of Merit (OOM) standing will be used by the Graduate Education Committee (GEC) in making VGEP selection recommendations to the Superintendent. Your proposed graduate program should be consistent with your anticipated service selection. The Navy Aviation, Surface, Submarine, Special Warfare, and EOD Community Managers have published preferred curricula for each warfare community. The preferred graduate curricula can be viewed on the Graduate Education Blackboard page under the “useful information tab”. On the evening of the briefing, please arrive a few minutes early to log in on the sign-in sheets. I look forward to talking with you about this fantastic opportunity. Best regards, Bill Eschbach CDR USNR (Ret) USNA 1980 Graduate Education Program Manager Academic Dean Budget Director U. S. Naval Academy 410-293-6334

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