USNA Athletics  

Just as the Naval Academy promotes the professional and intellectual development of Midshipmen, so also must it fulfill its responsibility for each Midshipmen's physical development. This is met through a sports program that is one of the broadest in the nation. 
Information about USNA Varsity sports, scores, tickets and more is available through the official USNA Sports website; Logo

Club Sports

The Naval Academy sponsors a full program of Club Sports as a complement to the Varsity Intercollegiate program. These clubs provide the opportunity for athletes to participate in intercollegiate sports that are not at a varsity level. Click on a link below for more information


The Naval Academy's facilities for intercollegiate and intramural sports, physical education, and personal fitness are unsurpassed and not reserved for just a few athletes. All midshipmen have access to these facilities, for team sports or individual workout. Click on a link below for more information.

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For Ticket Information, please call 1-800-US-4-NAVY

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