Paul Mikulski
Professor, Physics

SP211 Fall2014
sp211_fall2014_equations.pdf  ***** Draft (October 17) *****

The quizzes and exams below are for my sections.  These 
multiple choice questions are similar to the kinds of 
questions that will appear on the final.  You might
find them useful for review and self assessment.

quiz_kinematics.pdf  quiz_kinematics_scan.pdf
quiz_projectiles.pdf quiz_projectiles_scan.pdf
quiz_N2L.pdf         quiz_N2L_scan.pdf
quiz_energy.pdf      quiz_energy_scan.pdf
quiz_momentum.pdf    quiz_momentum_scan.pdf

X1 Wed Sep 10 on W01-W09 exam1.pdf exam1_scan.pdf
X2 Mon Sep 29 on W01-W22 exam2.pdf exam2_scan.pdf
X3 Mon Oct 20 on W01-W30 exam3.pdf exam3_scan.pdf

SP211.3312 MWF3 CH001, TR3 CH011
SP211.4412 MWF4 CH001, TR4 CH011

W01 Thu Aug 21 velocity        worksheet01.pdf scan01.pdf
W02 Fri Aug 22 acceleration    worksheet02.pdf scan02.pdf LoggerPro_Install_Instructions.pdf
W03 Mon Aug 25 v and a         worksheet03.pdf scan03.pdf screen03.png
W04 Tue Aug 26 constant a      worksheet04.pdf scan04.pdf
W05 Wed Aug 27 fit x           worksheet05.pdf scan05.pdf screen05.png
W06 Thu Aug 28 free fall       worksheet06.pdf scan06.pdf
W07 Fri Aug 29 integrating     worksheet07.pdf scan07.pdf screen07a.png screen07b.png
W08 Tue Sep 02 vectors         worksheet08.pdf scan08.pdf quiz_kinematics.pdf quiz_kinematics_scan.pdf
W09 Wed Sep 03 projectiles     worksheet09.pdf scan09.pdf
W10 Thu Sep 04 projectiles     worksheet10.pdf scan10.pdf
W11 Fri Sep 05 UCM kinematics  worksheet11.pdf scan11.pdf quiz_projectiles.pdf quiz_projectiles_scan.pdf
    Mon Sep 08:  ***** clean-up day ***** (+ data generation for 2D projectile motion lab)
W12 Tue Sep 09 spark table     worksheet12.pdf
 X1 Wed Sep 10 on W01-W09      exam1.pdf exam1_scan.pdf
W13 Thu Sep 11 N1L and N2L     worksheet13.pdf scan13.pdf
W14 Fri Sep 12 FT and FN       worksheet14.pdf scan14.pdf
W15 Mon Sep 15 applying N2L    worksheet15.pdf scan15.pdf
W16 Tue Sep 16 multiple FBDs   worksheet16.pdf scan16.pdf
W17 Wed Sep 17 m1 m2 incline   worksheet17.pdf scan17.pdf screen17.png
W18 Thu Sep 18 N3L             worksheet18.pdf scan18.pdf
W19 Fri Sep 19 friction fk     worksheet19.pdf scan19.pdf
W20 Mon Sep 22 friction fs     worksheet20.pdf scan20.pdf
W21 Tue Sep 23 drag vTerminal  worksheet21.pdf scan21.pdf
W22 Wed Sep 24 N2L for UCM     worksheet22.pdf scan22.pdf
    Thu Sep 25 Lecture Demo (go straight to CH100)
    Fri Sep 26 quiz_forces.pdf quiz_N2L_scan.pdf
 X2 Mon Sep 29 on W01-W22      exam2.pdf exam2_scan.pdf
    Tue Sep 30 Return of Exam 2, open time for review of the exam.
W23 Wed Oct 01 UCM lab        worksheet23.pdf
W24 Thu Oct 02 Wnet = DK      worksheet24.pdf scan24.pdf
W25 Fri Oct 03 W by varying F worksheet25.pdf scan25.pdf
W26 Mon Oct 06 Wext = DK, Ug  worksheet26.pdf scan26.pdf
W27 Tue Oct 07 Uspring        worksheet27.pdf scan27.pdf
W28 Wed Oct 08 loop de loop   worksheet28.pdf scan28.pdf
W29 Thu Oct 09 Etherm = fk*d  worksheet29.pdf scan29.pdf
W30 Fri Oct 10 power, U(x)    worksheet30.pdf scan30.pdf
W31 Tue Oct 14 center of mass worksheet31.pdf scan31.pdf
W32 Wed Oct 15 impulse dp=Fdt worksheet32.pdf scan32.pdf
W33 Thu Oct 16 collisions     worksheet33.pdf scan33.pdf
    Fri Oct 17 quiz_energy.pdf quiz_energy_scan.pdf
 X3 Mon Oct 20 on W01-W30     exam3.pdf exam3_scan.pdf
W34 Tue Oct 21 omega, alpha   worksheet34.pdf scan34.pdf
W35 Thu Oct 23 K=.5*I*omega^2 worksheet35.pdf scan35.pdf
    Fri Oct 24 quiz_momentum.pdf quiz_momentum_scan.pdf
W36 Mon Oct 27 torque         worksheet36.pdf scan36.pdf
W37 Tue Oct 28 W=tau*Dtheta   worksheet37.pdf scan37.pdf
W38 Wed Oct 29 rotation & COM worksheet38.pdf scan38.pdf