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The Navy's Information Warfare Community was founded in 2009 in order to integrate Navy's information-based capabilities (Communications, Networks, Intelligence, Oceanography, Meteorology, Cryptology, Electronic Warfare, Cyberspace Operations, and Space) to degrade, deny, deceive, or destroy an enemy's information environment or to enhance the effectiveness of friendly operations.

The Navy has a long and storied history of its Officers, Sailors, and Civilians conducting information warfare in order to effectively deter and combat threats to our nation.

IWC Photo

What is the mission of IWC?

The IWC's mission is to defeat any enemy by using Assured Command and Control, Battlespace Awareness, and Integrated Fires to achieve Freedom of Maneuver across all warfighting domains. We must understand how our adversaries think and work, develop the battlespace, and provide our forces with timely and accurate information.

What career paths are available through USNA?

  • 180X METOC/Oceanography Officer
  • 181X Cryptologic Warfare Officer
  • 182X Information Professional Officer
  • 183X Intelligence Officer
  • 184X Cyber Warfare Engineer
IWC Photo
IWC Photo

Where can I learn more?

You can visit our History page or our Resources page to find out more about the IWC.


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