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Languages and Cultures Department

Faculty - Arabic

  • Moufarrej, Guilnard

    Associate Professor Coordinator - Arabic Language Curriculum Ph.D., UCLA in Ethnomusicology
    Research Interests
    Music and Cultures of the Middle East, Music and Second Language Acquisition, Middle Eastern Christianity, Arab American Diaspora, Music and Trauma, Music and Cognition

  • Brosh, Hezi

    Professor Ph.D., Tel Aviv University, Israel
    Research Interests
    Foreign language teaching and learning (SLA), Sociolinguistics, Curriculum planning and development, Language and conflict, Language learning strategies, Arabic writing system
  • Burt, Clarissa

    Associate Professor of Arabic Language, Literature, and Culture Ph.D., University of Chicago
    Research Interests
    Arabic Literature, Poetry, classical and modern, Matrices of Arabic Cultural Reproduction, Comparative Semitics, South Arabian Languages and Cultures
  • Swanson, Maria

    Associate Professor Ph.D., University of Arizona in Middle Eastern and North African Studies
    Research Interests
    Comparative literature (Arabic-Russian and Arabic-Ukrainian), Arabic-Russian and Arabic-Ukrainian cultural ties, Mahjari literature, teaching Arabic to non-native speakers
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