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Golden Key International Honour Society
Midshipmen on the Yard
Aerial Photo of the Yard
Midshipmen in Noon Meal Formation

USNA Chapter

The Golden Key International Honour Society is an academic honors organization founded for the purpose of recognizing and encouraging scholastic achievement among students from all academic fields. This is an international academic honor society dedicated to excellence. This society recognizes academic and professional excellence in the Brigade of Midshipmen and provides opportunities for leadership, service, networking, and social interactions. The Golden Key chapter of USNA is an official extracurricular activity (ECA) for midshipmen.  The USNA chapter of Golden Key was established in 1997, and regularly has about 40-50 midshipmen members each year.

The Society provides recognition, prestige, scholarship, fellowship, and opportunities for service for and to its members. The purposes of Golden Key are to recognize and encourage academic achievement and excellence, to unite with collegiate faculty and administrators in developing and maintaining high standards of education, to provide academic assistance to outstanding members, and to promote scholastic achievement and altruistic conduct through voluntary service.  The mission of Golden Key is to enable members to realize their potential through the advancement of academics, leadership, and service.

Students qualify on the basis of objective academic criteria. No more than the top 20 percent of third, second, and first class midshipmen may be eligible for participation in Golden Key. 

Golden Key International Honor Society, founded in 1977, recognizes college students solely on the objective basis of their academic achievements. Today, more than 400 chapters in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom honor and reward over two million lifetime members.

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