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Connect with USNA on Snapchat


How to connect

Smartphone / Tablet

Simply click the follow button under the snapcode above to go to our profile on the snapchat website. Then click the open snapchat button on the snapchat site to connect with our snapchat. 


Snapchat is only available on smartphones and tablets. If you are on a computer or are having trouble connecting using the follow button, take a photo or screen capture of the snapcode with your smartphone/tablet, or save it to your smartphone /tablet. 

Tip: If you are taking a photo of the computer screen, it works best to hold the phone back a bit and then zoom the camera in.

Next, launch the Snapchat application on your smartphone or tablet. Click on the ghost icon to view your own profile, and from there select "Add Friends". Select the "Snapcode" option, and then select the snapcode you saved or photographed from above.