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Informed Consent Form/Student Opinion Forms

The USNA Midshipman Evaluation of Courses and Instructors, also known as Student Opinion Forms (SOFs). or Course, Teaching, or Student Evaluations (Evals), are intended to provide information about the educational experiences offered to midshipmen in each course. Midshipmen provide comments on courses and instructors in the following areas: student learning, course material, and instructor performance. Individual instructors can use this information to improve their teaching methods and choice of course materials. Additionally, department chairs may use SOFs as one of several instruments to monitor faculty teaching. Finally, the Promotion and Tenure Committee and various awards committees use SOFs to evaluate instructor performance. SOFs are confidential and no information associated with any individual will ever be reported out of the Naval Academy or released publicly. Furthermore, the SOFs will be available for review by the course instructor only after grades have been posted and the grade submission period has ended.

Permission for the use of the Student Opinion Forms (SOFs) for program assessment purposes is voluntary and you may submit a blank or no form without any consequence. The expected benefit of participation to you and to the United States Naval Academy is a better academic program.

If you feel that you have not been treated according to the descriptions above, or your rights as a participant in this research have not been respected, you may contact at:

USNA Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Office

If you have any other questions about the process, please contact:

Dr. Daniel W. O'Sullivan
Vice Provost

The administration of SOFs is governed by Provost Instruction 1531.12, the latest version of which is posted on the web pages of the Dean.

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