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Paper Conservation


Do you have an item or items that you are considering donating to the museum?


We would love to talk with you to find out more about your piece of history. If you have items you are interested in donating, please contact the Museum in advance to make an appointment with a curator or registrar. We reserve the right not to accept unsolicited items. The Acquisitions Committee will review the object(s) and make the final decision regarding acceptance of the item(s) into the collection. The donor will then be contacted regarding the Committee’s decision.

Contact the Museum’s curators at 410-293-2108 or email us at to discuss potential donations or make to make an appointment.  In the email, please include as much information about the item as possible, especially the provenance. Please also provide images of the item(s) and their sizes and include an estimate of quantity and the physical condition of the object(s).

Our acquisitions committee meets bi-monthly. We consider the following factors:

  • The uniqueness of the item(s)
  • If the item is already represented in the Museum's collection
  • Relevance to our mission (e.g.: was the item owned by a graduate? Is it directly connected to the Academy?)
  • Storage and display considerations and limitations

Please do not bring any artifacts, photographs, or other archival materials to the Museum without first speaking with a Museum representative. The Naval Academy Museum will NOT be responsible for any items left at the Museum without prior approval of a Museum staff member. Should we decide not to accept an item, but feel it has naval history value, we will provide a recommendation of another museum. Note: should the Museum take in an object, that is not a guarantee that we will put it on display.

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