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Physical Education Department

PE Button Information

A PE Button is required to show that you are authorized to use specified
USNA Physical Education Department facilities.

The Physical Mission Button Coordinator issues buttons at the Physical Education Office, located in Ricketts Hall, during posted button issue hours only. Verification of employment at USNA or NSA Annapolis for all applicants must be shown at the time of registration. Faculty, staff, retired military, and family access to fitness facilities is administered under the Physical Education Fitness Facility Access Button Program. Those with access to the USNA intranet must fill out the on-line form to apply for or renew a button.

Pick up buttons in the Physical Education Office, Ricketts room 367, during button issue hours ONLY.  
Button issue hours are: Tuesday and Wednesday 0800-0900 and Thursday 1300-1400.  

Contact the Button Issue Coordinator at 410-293-2205 or for any questions regarding button issue.

Those with access to the USNA Intranet must first register online for a PE Button.

  • Button holders are not permitted to use facilities unless they visibly wear their button on their athletic attire.
  • For pool use - it must be on the poolside. Repeated violators are subject to suspension of privileges.
  • A lost button must be reported to the Physical Education Director for reissue.
  • A PE Button is for individual use only and is nontransferable.

Violation of this policy will result in suspension of privileges.

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